Saturday, 9 July 2016

Edhi, One of Pakistan's greatest Humanitarians passes away

Once there was a legend, who consumed his life for humanity. He set new standards of selflessness and charity. His services for humanity has surpassed all the bounds. This man was a Pakistani who was admired and revered by all and sundry. But alas, as of 8th July 2016 at the ripe, old age of 88; this soul is no more among us but he will live in our hearts forever. He is a true role model for humanity.

Even leading up to his untimely demise, he wanted to help and thus, donated his organs. Though, only his cornea could be used as the rest of his organs weren't healthy. I hope whoever receives his cornea not only gets his sight but also his vision for the world. His now, famous quote, 'No religion is higher than humanity" can not be any more relevant in these times with rampant extremist attacks, ultra-nationalistic xenophobia on the rise among other things. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How Smartphones Have Changed the way We Interact With Each Other

 Smartphones have changed the way people communicate a lot. This has lead to increase in the way people interact socially. Smartphones have a large number of applications that one can access. The applications increase the number of things one can do using their smartphones. A smartphone has several advantages as it is lighter and easier to carry around. Smartphones have operating systems that can run most programs found in a computer. This means that applications can be created to help one carry out different tasks. The applications may be developed by third parties thus do not necessarily rely on the manufacturer of the smartphone to determine what the smartphone can do. This helps in upgrading the functions of the smartphones after one downloads the applications. The applications have variety of uses for instance chatting which is aided by WhatsApp messenger. Other applications include games which keeps one busy when they are idle or bored thus engaging their minds.

One can use their smartphones to watch a movie or television. This is made possible by cable television networks providing the applications needed to watch television or using YouTube. One can even watch a movie while on the bus either to school or work. A smartphone has several multimedia features that stores music and eBooks. One can download eBooks and music to read or listen to them later. Most people with smartphones find that they use them mostly due to multimedia features. The portability of the multimedia platform has made smartphones more popular.

One can use the smartphone to download documents or create new documents. This is made possible by using applications that are present in the smartphone. The documents can be used later or presented in business meetings from the smartphone to a projector. One can also email and download documents using the smartphone from the Internet.

Friday, 6 June 2014

PTA at it Again (Banning Progressive Facebook Pages)

Ahh PTA, when will you ever learn? First Youtube, then Twitter and even SMS packages because its 'immoral'. And now banning progressive and Liberal pages preaching for a more tolerant and hate-free Pakistan such as Roshni, Taliban are Zaliman (oppressors), Bhangvi and Laal. Ironically pages and websites linked with extremists groups are free and accessible for everybody calling for open-hatred and persecution of minority groups and anti-state action.

I would have written more but since I have my exams I think this excerpt below will describe my thoughts just fine.

In 5th June, 2014 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority connived with Facebook to ban nearly all Pakistani progressive, secular and liberal pages campaigning for a Pakistan with human rights, social justice, equality and no terrorism. 
The irony is that anti state, Taliban pages operate with impunity while the voices of moderation and sanity are silenced by the state organ responsible for regulating telecommunication.  
Pakistan is a country haunted by a troubled past and its involvement in Afghan Soviet war tattered the social fabric, society was deeply radicalized religiously and space for progressive discourse shrank over the years until broadband internet penetration began to see a stellar rise in Pakistan under General Pervaiz Musharraf's reign. The introduction of broadband internet provided some space for the progressive and moderate forces
This development also blessed the embattled progressive Pakistanis with an unparalleled opportunity to channel their narrative to a much larger audience and that too without the fear of persecution in a society where being aligned with liberal thought alone merits ones life to be taken away. This was because the web offered a certain degree of anonymity. 
The social media, particularly Facebook effectively started giving a new picture of things earlier obscured because a variety of factors including state censorship. This increasing spread of awareness potentially has the ability to contribute to a change in the Status Quo with a better aware policy.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Capitalism n' Stuff

This is a post by Tristan Ryan, co-owner of this blog.

Growing up, I used to admire this lovely canopy that was across the road from my house. The mixture of pine and oak trees was beautiful and made one feel at peace when they gazed at it. The scenery within a mile of my house had a similar effect on the soul. The wildlife of East Texas redeems it from the cesspool of backwards, offensive people and backwards, offensive views.

The wood was plentiful, and it was only a matter of time until someone's greedy eyes saw the money in the trees instead of the beauty in it. It was sad to see the canopy and some of the other trees go, annoying to hear the machines early in the morning, and unpleasing to look at the desolation where the canopy once flourished. To top it all off, one of the rednecks destroying my lovely jungle decided to park his car on the edge of my family's property.

I know that they're going to replant (or so they promise), but it makes me sad nonetheless. To add on to this, the local wild hog population around my property was displaced, so they were running everywhere. On property, in front of cars, et cetera. They're rather dangerous, and displaced hogs are arguably worse.

I've compiled an imgur album of the desolation, if you'd like to see it.

Anyway, this whole thing has got me wondering if profit is always worth it. Are there moral limits to what you can do to legally get money? Is it wrong to rob a neighborhood of the beauty of nature for a pretty penny? Naturally, I'm very biased, but what do you guys from the outside think?

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